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MAY 11, 2014

Well, well, well, its been way to long! Happy late almost halfway through the New Year already! A LOT has been going on and I’ve been growing so much these last few months! Lots to update on, so grab some popcorn and a drink real fast and read on!

So in December I entered MadeULook by Lex’s Snow and Ice competition. Out of a few hundred entries, I won 1st place! Here is my look, and one that I had SO much fun doing and that was the beginning of releasing a creativity in me I didn’t know I had.

1st Place MadeULookbyLex entry Snow and Ice Competition Dec 2013

IMG_3181 IMG_3191 IMG_3201 IMG_3202 IMG_3203




















Through this contest, not only did I win makeup (woot!) but I won new friendships as well in other artists who I have collaborated with several times throughout the year. We take turns choosing themes and then come up with our own looks. Be to check out Color Me Mad and Tarwater FX on Facebook. They’re both amazing artists! All of our strengths are very different from each other which makes for a unique collab every time!! Sofia, a painter at heart, at only 15 years old her talent far exceeds her years. And Justin, our prosthetics man! I tried doing one once for our Disney villains collab and it did not turn out at ALL (hence why there is no picture from that collab haha!) Here are my looks from our collabs so far this year.


Tin Woman Oz Collab

Fire Collab

Fire Collab

Theodora; Wicked Witch of the East Oz Collab


Theodora; Wicked Witch Oz Collab


Theodora; Oz Collab

Pop Art Girl, Comic Book Collab
























And of course experimenting and playing a bit on my own!! I recently just did a Black Swan inspired look after coming back from IMATS NYC (which I will get to next, I promise!). I’m also using this makeup as entry for Buntricia’s Total Package makeup course in Vegas in October!!! Buntricia is an international makeup master and I would love to attend her course! And in Vegas too? Sign me up! 🙂

IMG_3834 IMG_3836
In April I got to go New York City (for the first time ever!) and go to IMATS! I have been to IMATS once before in London where I got to meet Sam and Nic Chapman of PixiWoo, and they were incredibly sweet! But other than that I have to say I was not impressed at all with the show! I was hoping NYC had a lot more to offer. I was only able to make it to Friday, Pro Day, but that was enough for me as I got all the products I wanted without fighting huge crowds or waiting in line. Not to mention some awesome one on one meet and greets with some of my favorite artists! I got to meet Rae Morris, celebrity makeup artist from Australia (I have all her books and she was sooooo nice!), Nix from Face Off and Naked Vegas on SyFy, what a super nice cool awesome guy! Totally fan girling over it all! And then my niece and I were sitting in on Rae Morris’ class when Justin from Tarwater FX (who I finally got to meet too!) brought over Lex from MadeULook and we got to chat for awhile. Her mom was there and I have to say Lex is completely awesome. She really truly cares about her followers (as do most YouTube people) but Lex really really wants to make sure that if you’re doing something and you’re trying, that you succeed at it. Lex, Justin, Sofia and I are working on an Instagram collab to be revealed….sometime….we are all crazy busy with prom and weddings and school, makeup shows, etc, but hopefully we won’t wait too long to show you all what we’ve done! And I can’t wait for more great artists we will meet through this collab!

Me and Nix from Face Off and SyFy!

Me trying to hide my fangirling face from meeting THE Rae Morris!

Me, Lex of MadeULook, and Justin from Tarwater FX

Lex and me (I? Me? Us. lol)

Allyson Wonderland and Tarwater FX meet at last!

Justin, Lex and me holding our sign for our friend Sophia of Color Me Mad that wasn’t able to go to NYC 😦




































I notice after seeing all of these, I really like to my head up to other people’s heads when we take pictures. I don’t know why, lol. I’ve also been doing a lot with Brandelyn Hegeman Photography that I don’t believe I’ve blogged about. I promise I’ll get better at it, I just do most of my updates on Facebook! 🙂


1461229_700007790029083_1156125367_n 1476379_181831592012995_681764506_n


















And last but not least, prom and wedding season is really starting to book up and FAST!!! Here are the ones I’ve done so far! Gonna be a busy season! The brides I’ve done so far are all their trial ones, so I won’t be posting those til their actual day, but I’ve got about 5-6 of those coming up!

Janessa2 katprom2 PicMonkey Collage




















If you read through that whole things, thanks folks!! I appreciate all the support that I’ve received from followers and other artists alike! Please follow and subscribe and like, all that other social media stuff to stay updated with my latest looks, news, work,etc. Hugs to you all!!

Instagram: @allysonwonderlandmua





Marine Corps Ball





Alexx before and after


3 beautiful different looks!


My fellow KS girl, Molly!

PicMonkey Collage

Jess wanted to go all out, Indian inspired!


The lovely Dawn!



NOVEMBER 3, 2013

Boy have I had a busy weekend! 5 hair and makeup appointments for the Marine Corps Ball and I’m just getting warmed up!! This is continuing until the end of November! It’s almost busier than wedding season! I’m using this Sunday to just be lazy and relax so without further ado, I present Rachel, Kelly, and Mhairi (again!)


Rachel: Although legally blind, her eyes are such a stunning color!


You might recognize her from her wedding a few weeks ago! We went super dramatic with this black smokey eye. SUPER FUN!


A first time false lashes wearer, Kelly was a pro!!

Hope you ladies all had a great time at the Ball!

Hope you ladies all had a great time at the Ball!

dividersOCTOBER 30TH, 2013

On the 25th of this month I had a crazy busy day!!! Three hair and makeups for the Marine Corps Ball (not including my own! lo). For those of you who aren’t familiar with the military, all branches have a yearly birthday ball. The men get all dressed up in those oh so sexy uniforms (for the Marines its the Dress Blues which are AMAZING) and the girls get a chance to get all dolled up in pretty dresses. There’s a formal ceremony, speeches, cake, dinner and then dance afterwards. I’ve been to so many now its still fun to get dressed up and go but my last one was a bust, nonetheless its still fun to get dressed up! And it was a busy day for me and these 3 ladies! They all got ready together and in one of the girls’ RVs and I actually did a bit of makeup in the RV! Anywho, enough blabbering, here are the pics! 🙂


Angie semi-before and after! (Forgot to take a before pic so we stopped in the middle! I am SO bad at remembering before pics!)


The beautiful Autumn


Miss Jackie! Her first Marine Ball! Hope she had fun! I got to be a little color happy and did a cranberry/purple smokey eye!


Wish I had a picture of her in her dress, she looked beautiful! As did all the ladies!

PicMonkey Collage1

Before and After Group Shot!


OCTOBER 11TH, 2013

Today I did a beautiful bride’s hair and makeup for her ceremony. It was just something small with her and her husband and their big wedding would be later but she still wanted it to be special. Her name is Mhairi (pronounced ‘Vari’) and she is Scottish. Totally felt at home with her since I lived in England for 3 and a half years. 🙂 Plus she sounded like Merida. Us Americans, can’t get over accents, haha! But anywho, here she is! Congrats Mhairi!

Before and After

Before and After

PicMonkey Collage2

Happy Beautiful Bride!

Happy Beautiful Bride!



Vintage Glam

Vintage Glam
Photo, Hair and Makeup by me

PicMonkey Collage3

Vintage Glam to Edgy Rocker Chic


Photo: Sweet and Sassy Photography; Hair and Makeup by me

Photo: Sweet and Sassy Photography, Hair and Makeup by me (one of my favorites!)

Photo: Sweet and Sassy Photography, Hair and Makeup by me (one of my favorites!)

STAY TUNED FOR MORE! Just waiting on final images!


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