About the Artist

View More: http://brandelyn.pass.us/allyson

Photo by: Brandelyn Hegeman Photography

View More: http://brandelyn.pass.us/allyson

Photo by Brandelyn Hegeman Photography


Hi everyone! Chances are if you’re reading this, you already know a bit about me.  If you’re a newcomer then here’s a little bit of the boring background stuff.

-Graduated Cosmetology school in 2010 (Eric Fisher Academy, represent!)

-Licensed in KS and NC (no you don’t have to be licensed to be an MUA but it helps, especially with proper sanitation)

-Worked for Eastern British Hairdresser of the Year Nominee Kai Wan in his salon for almost 2 years and was the MUA for some of his photo shoots for Wella as well as the MUA for some of the stylists at Wella TrendVision in England

-I do hair too. But makeup is in my blood

-I love Disney. It will always be timeless.

My husband and bestest best friend, got orders back to North Carolina after we lived in England from 2009-2012. After working in 2 different salons and not being happy I decided to go off on my own and do what I wanted, how I wanted….and I couldn’t be happier. I hold myself and my work to an extremely high standard. I pride myself on professionalism and providing an outstanding client experience while still being able to have fun and make them feel beautiful.

When in school, the owner was always working on a photo shoot or on stage. When I went back to England my boss was doing the same thing on a national and international level, even doing hair for London Fashion Week. I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry, constantly creating beautiful and interesting things to look at. I LOVE doing on set work, I love the energy rush and being able to stand back, smile and think “I did that.”

I’ve learned what I know from books by Rae Morris, Kevin Aucion and Bobbi Brown and from YouTube. YouTube is such an amazing learning tool especially with how popular its gotten in the last 3 years with beauty gurus. Its amazing how much you absorb just by WATCHING. PixiWoo, Kandee Johnson, Vintage or Tacky, Leesha from XSparkage, are just a few that I’ve been watching the longest. I have many many more!!

I’d love to eventually have my work in Glamour or some type of magazine or print work. I love to collaborate to help create a stunning image, whether its with a photographer and hair stylist or a bride, I love it all.

I have an immense amount of passion for what I do and I love every moment of it. No matter what the end desired look is, I always just have fun. If you can’t enjoy what you do, your clients won’t enjoy it. Then what’s the point? 🙂

Feel free to take a look around and contact me with any inquiries:




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