Cora: Vintage or Tacky

Vintage or Tacky, just be yourself. That is the motto of YouTube beauty guru Cora! Can we all just take a moment please…..this girl is SO AMAZING and my November Makeup Artist Madness—.


Cora: aka Vintage or Tacky on YouTube


1.) HER HAIR. Dude. COME ON. I always go back to my pink and purple peek a boos at least once or twice a year and she has been ROCKING this hair for a long time now and I just flipping love it as a hair stylist. That is all.

2.) Her clothes. Seriously. She always has the cutest stuff! Doesn’t matter if its for every day or Halloween. I want it all. 

3.) Her makeup skills and personality, obviously. 🙂 Let me elaborate. 


This is why I feel like we would be really good friends. 🙂

Yes I know she’s making a funny face. I love it! She’s just being fun and silly and not giving a damn about what anything else things. She is totally 110% herself and inspires her viewers to be as well. She is so sweet, and makes me giggle when I watch her videos. She randomly just sings when doing reviews and its because she’s excited about it. Or she just feels like singing. Seriously though, who cares why? She just goes into everything guns blazing and her brushes ready to go.

Not only is she fun, but her videos are also educational. I’ve been following Cora for about 2.5-3 years now. She walks that line between it being almost too much but its not, and its still wearable which I LOVE. I love seeing a super dramatic colorful smokey eye that you can still rock in the daytime. No, not everyone would want to but if you wanted to you could. I totally would. 🙂

She explains what she’s doing and why. They’re super easy to follow and not mention her videos aren’t crazy long. If its one thing I cannot stand is when people yabber on in their videos. She keeps it short and sweet but long enough so you can understand what she is doing. After 10 minutes people start to get a bit bored. I will watch a 12-15 minute video if what they’re doing requires that amount of time and detail and contains enough information. Cora just recently uploaded a 16 minute haul/review and normally I just skip over hauls because they don’t interest me but I watched every minute of Cora’s (Makeup Geek is the only other one with haul videos I watch, and Cora has lots of MUG tutorials which I LOVE…but that’s for another time). I could watch all of it because she was informative and sang and was silly and I didn’t get bored watching it. Her videos are NEVER EVER EVER boring! I just stinking love her and everything she puts out just amazes me!! Her blending skills and creativity are neverending it seems! Here are some of my recent favorite looks of hers. 


Sleeping Beauty inspired. Just look at the colors!


Halloween 2013 Steampunk tutorial: ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! I would seriously wear this makeup all the time.


An oldie but goodie Halloween mask look. I feel like peacocks can be overdone but this is amazing!!!


Close up of the Steampunk look.

This girl can do pretty much anything. For November she said she will be uploading videos Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. YAY! Since TV is so crappy these days, as pathetic as it sounds, I ALWAYS look forward to videos from any of the people I am subscribed to. Especially if its holiday season because its so interesting to see the inspiration people have (even if its all the same) and they can come up with something totally different. I learn something new every time and I NEVER get bored. Here’s another favorite I recreated except I decided to not go as bright with the lips. 


Fall Pretty Rebel palette look by Cora


If you haven’t gotten by now why I love her so much, you’re crazy.


Cora-Thank you SO much for keeping my makeup addiction healthy. 😉 I wouldn’t know what to do with all my makeup sometimes if it wasn’t for you.


Vintage or Tacky, random singing (“I’m in a store and I’m singing, I’m in a store and I’m singing, I’m in a store and I’M SINNGGGIINNNG!!!” You fail if you don’t know that movie. 🙂 ) random dancing but always professional and real and fun–just be yourself.

Cora you keep those videos coming strong! Don’t ever change and you will always have true supporters and followers and people you inspire. Thanks for all you do woman, I hope you know how much you’re loved! 

PS. If you ever wanna do a meet and greet in NC, that’d be awesome. Kthanks. 😛 

If you want to see more of Cora’s awesomeness be sure to check out her YouTube Channel and follow her on Facebook: