Welcome to Wonderland



So you went down the rabbit hole and found my blog! Yay! I know you’re going to ask, so I’ll just tell you how I came up with the name.

Sure, using my name would be shorter and sweeter, but I wanted something to stand out and be fun. The only people who call me Allyson anymore are my Dad and sister in law. No Alice In Wonderland isn’t my favorite Disney movie but I love the idea of it and the play on words. Simple as that. Growing up obsessed with Disney movies (and still am) I think that every woman, no matter the age or occasion, wants to feel their best. They want self confidence and to feel pampered. They want someone to make them feel relaxed, who is fun, yet professional at the same time. I have worked in a salon environment behind the chair and I know how to speak professionally with my clients.

Consultation is KEY. I promise when you work with me you will get the best products, proper application, sanitation and my undivided attention. I hold myself and my work to a very high standard. After working in England for 2 years, I’ve learned what type of working environment I want to be in and how to make the best experience for my client.

I never used to be a girly girl growing up. I hated when a new trend would come along and I tried my hardest to not follow it. Honestly it all changed after I got married. My husband is amazing. He made me feel beautiful and tells me I am all the time. (Awwww…yes, he’s pretty awesome.) And when YOU feel beautiful and confident, other people can see that. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. The smallest tips and tricks can make a world of difference. You don’t have to be wearing Christian Louboutin’s to have a little extra pep in your step (although it TOTALLY helps 😉 ).

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Remember, it’s only makeup!


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